“I felt indications of a Heart-Wall® long before I even got familiar with this term and implication. Although I was successful on a professional level and fulfilled in my personal life, I experienced a lack of creativity, was not focused, and most of all, was not able to fully identify myself within the world around me, often feeling separation.

“I came across Dr. Nelson’s presentation of Emotion Code® techniques and soon after bought The Emotion Code book, where he explains the Heart-Wall phenomenon. It strongly resonated with me, and I sensed that a Heart-Wall had been preventing me from unveiling my full potential and living the life of my dreams.

“I was fortunate to find an Emotion Code Practitioner to guide me through the initial steps of identifying a trapped emotion. During the first session of my Heart-Wall removal, we were able to release six emotions before my body got fatigued. I was somewhat emotional at first, but quickly noticed that by uncovering each subsequent trapped emotion and its emotional baggage, I felt lighter and more energized.

“From then on, I continued this Heart-Wall removal journey on my own. Throughout three sessions, giving my body enough space to process, I was able to demolish the concrete wall around my heart, brick by brick. As my Heart-Wall vanished, I experienced gratitude and joy, and felt emotionally moved and empowered at the same time. Its course allowed me to discover my inner strength, sensitivity, and wisdom to transform my life.

“My own healing journey has only begun with Heart-Wall removal. It’s only been three weeks, and I definitely feel more calm and centered. My relationship with my family has improved, as I’m able to display empathy and compassion while facing challenging moments, and I can find genuine pleasure in everyday interactions. I’ve noticed a significant change in my physical body as neck/upper back/shoulder pain has softened and I no longer feel confined and overwhelmed.”

~ Katarzyna Agata Rosiak, Warsaw Poland

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