“I am very new to The Emotion Code®. About a year ago, my niece told me about The Emotion Code book. I purchased the audio book and listened to it. After several attempts trying to be diligent in regularly studying the book, I realized that being a full-time business owner, random times just don’t do justice to learning. It is much better to have structure in order to have consistent and productive studying.

I want to share the story of what lead me choose such a dramatic change from the heating and air-conditioning industry to desire to help people. One evening on the way from work, I stopped at a stop sign and I heard a voice which said: “Retreat, reevaluate and regroup.” Even after a few days, those words would not stop ringing in my head, so I shared them with my wife Leah. I clearly knew in my heart that my wife and I needed to step down from our church position where we were helping in the children’s ministry and take time to understand why to retreat at the time when it didn’t make any sense. My wife thought it was crazy because we had just built up a children’s ministry from nothing to about 20+ attendance. I told her that she would just have to trust me, and if I went wacko then I would have to take responsibilities for my actions later, but we were pulling out from the church. After we retreated and reevaluated our lives, we knew that something big was coming and didn’t know what it was, but after three months it was clear.

In November 2016 my son AJ, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, was playing with 9mm gun and pulled the trigger when it was pointed to his head. After the funeral, many friends and teenagers reached out to us for help, sharing their different problems, suicidal thoughts, issues of dependency, rejection, and addictions.

We were trying to help them and mentor them as much as we could, but realized that our knowledge was limited and not sufficient. I started praying and asking God to help me… to give me the key, give me the answer, give me the access, give me something that I could present to the young generation that would be different than just traditional religious ways of deliverance. I wanted to have something real!!!

The more I tried to improve myself, the more I understood that I was only dealing with the fruit, but I needed to fix the root. So here I am now, listening to The Emotion Code, finally realizing that this is exactly what I was looking for. When I watched the first video where Dr. Nelson explained The Emotion Code basics, I felt the energy and started crying. Just knowing that I was not completely crazy was a big relief.

Two days ago I decided there is no more time to wait. Last week, one of the young men that grew up in our area pulled the trigger of a gun to his head. In the last three years we lost many young men that we personally knew. Nobody was able to help them, not their parents, not their friends, and not their church. My vision is to get healed myself first, get trained in The Emotion Code, and help others to be free.”

~Andrey L., USA

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