“Right now I am completing my certification and all of the sessions are amazing!! One of my animal clients was a street dog named Holly. Her “mom” was having a session with me and brought her along, but I insisted on treating the extremely nervous dog first! Immediately the dog “talked” to me and sat down next to her surprised surrogate “mom.” I asked for the trapped emotions causing Holly´s fear of cars, of noises, and of being touched on her lower back. It was a truly sacred session! To complete it, I rolled my big magnet across Holly´s back! She loved it, so I rolled it again and again all the way down to her tail. Holly looked deep into my eyes and thanked me with her paw, then she walked to my bed and lay down her head on my pillow. A peaceful dog and a peaceful dog owner left a peaceful and grateful, soon to be certified, Emotion Code® practitioner.”

~Birgitta Höglund, Djursholm, Sweden

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