“I have recently purchased The Emotion Code®. I have been testing myself for many trapped emotions. I am never sick, but got some bug that kept me ill for over two weeks. I had a fever, was on the couch a few days, and felt like I’d have to die to get better.

“My husband died three months ago and I thought I was doing just fine afterward but started to find many emotions connected with his death that I had “stuck” somewhere in my body. To my surprise, I released several just a few days after I started to feel better from being sick and realized that this “sickness” must have been related to his passing and losing a part of myself when he was no longer with me. After I released most of those emotions, I just can’t believe how better I felt. No words can really describe how “complete” I now feel. I can’t put words to how great I am doing.

“I am using the Emotion Code on anyone I come in contact with that is willing to listen to my story and how it could help them. This is the greatest and most complete energy healing system I have ever used. Thanks so much for making it available. I am moving on to the Body Code™ next!”

~Marie P., Washington, USA

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