“Mike is in his upper 40s and has had gout beginning in his 20s. He is in otherwise good general health. Within the past few years and especially this past year, the gout episodes had increased in frequency and, leading up to our Emotion Code® session, seemed to happen almost every other week. They were so painful for him and impacted his ability to engage with his children and grandchildren. There was no way he could run around with them.

“Mike was extremely skeptical. However, I had worked on a few of his adult children with excellent results so at their prompting, he decided to give it a shot. There were five trapped emotions found to be contributing to the gout. Most of them related to trauma in childhood, some in his Heart-Wall®, and some inherited from his father who passed away when he was a child. He had a particularly traumatic childhood. Mike was quite surprised with the details and time frames that came up as they were very specific and spot on. These were all successfully released. It’s been about six weeks now and he has not had another gout episode at all!”

~Salina S. Rubio, Florida, USA

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