“My Heart-Wall® was grief. At age 11, I was woken by the screams of my mom. I ran into her bedroom and watched her trying to help my dad as he was suffering some sort of an attack. She kept yelling for my sisters and me to call 911. She did not know any English, so we translated to the emergency crew for her. My dad was rushed to the hospital diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and later passed away. He was only 40.

“The images of his attack, the screams, the funeral, and the burial all played over in my head. At age 11, I could not comprehend the reality of growing up without a dad. I am one of five siblings. We all still suffered from this grief. None of us ever searched for emotional counseling, and neither did my mom.

“Fast forward to now, I’m his age. At age 40, I got hit hard with so many debilitating health problems. For months, nobody could help me. I was sent to many specialists. Everyone would say same thing – it’s probably just a bad case of menopause! They also all lacked compassion!

“In my desperation, I listened to a friend who recommended an Emotion Code® practitioner. The moment I laid eyes on my practitioner I saw so much love and care in her face! Needless to say, she introduced me to my Heart-Wall. It all made sense now. My health drastically improved in just days. I’m so grateful to her and to God for answering my prayers.”

~Angelica C., Texas, USA

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