“I often dream very intensely and realistically at night, then wake up in the morning with severe muscle pain. When I apply the Emotion Code® to find and release trapped emotions, it feels like my body is thawing. The rigidity begins to dissolve, and I become more agile again.

“I live with my little dog, Maxi. He was at home with my girlfriend one day and I was worried about him because he wasn’t very well in the morning. In the afternoon when he came back home, I asked my girlfriend if everything was okay with him and she said yes. However, I noticed he walked weird and looked sick. When I asked her if she saw it too, she had to agree with me.

“Then I tested Maxi to see if he had a trapped emotion and I found three! They were not his own emotions, but acquired ones that he had gotten from me, his fearful mistress. I released them, and he immediately jumped around again, completely well. My girlfriend and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes and were very grateful for the Emotion Code!”

~Birgit E., North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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