“The first and foremost significant achievement after releasing my Heart-Wall® was finding my purpose. Throughout the years, I’ve always questioned, “What’s the point of life?” I had no direction, and being a free spirit, I floated wherever the winds blew me, sometimes knocking me off my feet. I had a Heart-Wall and was guarded, blocked, and blinded from seeking the truth or seeking my life mission and God’s purpose and plan for me.

“Instead I was entangled with all the negativity in my life and trying to overcome the obstacles with my health, relationships, and well-being. I was suffering from downward spirals of thoughts and emotions, decisions, toxic partners, and having a poor outlook in life, neglecting my calling. I had a myopic view with limiting beliefs, depriving myself of all of the possibilities that God intended me to become.

“The second highlight for me was “rising after a fall.” By finally removing my Heart-Wall, I achieved nirvana. I attained a keen sense of clarity, developed a higher frequency, and reached enlightenment, which only heightened the God-given gifts the Creator has blessed me with all my life. I just needed to believe in the truth and I found it.

“My third blessing was that I found my truth and “the truth has set me free!” My mission is to help heal the hurt, help heal as many souls that I can, all those that are suffering, hurting and wounded. I am blessed by the Almighty through the Emotion Code®, which I know with all my heart is a divine instrument to help not only heal myself but to help heal others. I thank God so much for Discover Healing. Thank you for finding me. I am so grateful to have found you and discovered miraculous healing. Now I can finally be free, feeling impeccably healthy, revealing to me the real soul God created me to be. I am feeling at my best! The Emotion Code saved my life!”

~Lynn Angkiangco, California, USA

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