“Lilly is a 55-year-old lady with a recent diagnosis of Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lasseur syndrome with hair loss due to an inflammatory response which destroyed the hair follicles across her entire body. This didn’t bother her until it started affecting her scalp and her hairline started to recede.

“She was devastated at the thought of losing her hair on her scalp. After a conversation with a close work associate who had her own success story using the Body Code™ for a chronic constant cough, she decided to reach out for help. During her sessions, it soon became apparent that the main upset in Lilly’s life was her husband’s extra marital affair which resulted in a divorce. This came as a complete shock to Lilly, and she wasn’t able to process it at the time due to having three young children.

“In the first session with Lilly, I found mercury poisoning caused by an ancestral miasm and a choline malnutrition, the latter being responsible for various bodily functions including cellular growth and metabolism. I found many misalignments in her glands and organs, and a misalignment, all due to the trapped emotion of shock. She also had a Heart-Wall®.

“Lilly messaged me to say, ‘I can’t be 100% but I think there are some tiny bits of hair regrowing. 🙂 :)’ Her next message said, ‘I have some wispy hairs growing along the hairline where the consultant said I would never have any regrowth. I’m monitoring to see if they stay (they have been there for over a month) but there isn’t any more hairline recession, which is amazing! I was so happy when I spotted the first couple of new hairs. It made the condition seem much less traumatic and hopeless than I was told at the hospital.'”

~Diane Walker, London, UK

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