Childhood days should be a time of wonder, excitement, innocence and love… A time to be “happy-go-lucky” and eager to learn, right? What if one morning that normally happy-go-lucky child is just not himself, and as the days go by, he continues to grow more angry, disobedient and distant? As a parent, you’re confused and don’t know what could be happening inside his little body and mind. You wonder, “Where did my happy child go?”

This is just what happened with one of my precious young clients. The little 6 year old’s mother reached out to me, deeply concerned and worried. Her child had started to talk back to his parents, his grades began to fall at school, and it was a battle to get him to do his homework or chores. The little boy who had been happy and obedient just the week before seemed angry and overwhelmed.

When his parents tried talking about what was bothering him, he was at first defiant, not saying anything. He then began to cry and said, “I don’t know.” A simple statement, but so true. Usually when we are feeling out-of-sorts, we really don’t know consciously, what is causing it. One of the beautiful things about using The Body Code and The Emotion Code to work on these issues with children is that a session can be done on their behalf without them even needing to know or understand anything about how it works. It’s a gentle and non-invasive way to find answers to the underlying causes of puzzling issues, physical or emotional.

It’s so important to recognize that children can develop Trapped Emotions from events at school, in family situations, or they can pick up on the emotions and stresses of others around them, absorbing those energies. Trapped Emotions often have an effect on children’s behavior, family relationships, performance in school, and health.

Several days after completing the second session for this little 6 year old, his mom had this to say, “Our son’s sudden change in behavior was such a mystery to us and we were at our wits end as to what to do. The Body Code sessions have made a huge difference. It is amazing! Our little boy is back to himself again. He is so much happier, more obedient, and his grades have gone back up in school. I am grateful this work can be done at a distance, and since he’s a minor, he didn’t even have to know anything was being done on his behalf. He just knew he felt better!”

If you have a child who is suffering, I want to tell you there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please consider reaching out to a Certified Body Code Practitioner and give The Body Code a try. I have seen amazing transformations in children, usually very quickly. I feel it’s important to start using The Body Code as young as possible. Can you imagine how different our world would be if children could grow up without emotional baggage weighing them down and holding them back? Can you imagine the positive effect this would have on your family? A joyful, peaceful, fulfilling life really is possible!

~ Becky Graff, CECP, CBCP,
Mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the HealersLibrary Team

IMG_7836Becky Graff is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner. She is a wife, mom to 4 grown children and their spouses, and granny to 4 precious grandchildren. She loves nature, crafts, spending time with her family, and serving God. She loves spreading this message:
“You are a beautiful creation of God—a being of light and intelligence. You are not meant to simply endure life’s journey, but to have joy and happiness. Along this journey, bad things sometime happen, life gets messy, we lose our way and get stuck—we forget who we are! My passion is to help people heal—both mentally and physically, and find the health and happiness God intends for us to have! Living a vibrant life full of love, gratitude, and joy is possible through the life-changing tools of The Body Code and The Emotion Code.”