A client told me that her mother had just broken her wrist and after a brief conversation with Maggie I started remote sessions to help her healing go smoothly. Maggie has just sent me this feedback.

“When I broke my arm last June, I had a number of sessions with Hazel after the surgery to realign the bone. All during the physical therapy over the next few months, The Body Code sessions with Hazel made it possible for me to heal without complications, and regain my wrist and arm function. At one point about a month into the physical therapy, and after a few sessions with Hazel, my therapist told me my progress was the fastest she’d ever experienced. I feel so lucky to have had Hazel on my healing team. Thank you, Hazel!”

As always I feel blessed to have been able to use The Body Code and thankful to Dr Brad for bringing this modality to us all.

Hazel Markou ~ Ellon, Scotland

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