“My brother David did not talk to me on the phone or invite me to his house much. If he ever did, he did not sound happy about it. But since I started working with the Emotion Code®, he has come over to my house and stayed for an hour. Now when he calls on the phone, he sounds happy. He bought me a movie that I really like, and he has invited me to eat with him. He brought my nephew over too. It was a long time ago since that had happened.

“My son Maximiliano invited me and my daughter to a dog show and he told me that he was very happy to have made that trip together. He invited us to eat at his house and we spent the night with him. That did not happen before and now our conversations are deeper.

“My boyfriend Mauricio told me that he wants to give me everything I deserve and that he wants to buy me a house where I want. He has been taking me on vacation every fortnight and he pays for everything. In the past that did not happen. We had many disagreements every time we talked about who would pay for what.

“I have made the decision to get out of the insurance world. I am not worried about not being on Facebook or Instagram. People have spoken to me who had not called since last year. I stopped sleeping all day, and now I wake up thankful and full of a lot of love. I don’t know how to explain it.”

~Liliana Garcia-Ortiz, California, USA

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