“Where do I begin? Many things I could go into, but the heart of it has been hopelessness. For the last six months, I have been on an intense journey of self discovery. This led me to many incredible works in quantum fields. Then I came across the Body Code™. I recognized truth immediately and launched into it with fear, as personal revelation is a particularly difficult modality for me thanks to tough emotional blocks and a lifetime of emotional pain and suffering. Right away I dove in on myself, hungry to unravel what I felt was impossible. I released some Heart-Wall® emotions and attacked an infection that had developed with a knot the size of a grape. Within 30 minutes it was gone.

“I have worked on about a dozen loved ones with absolutely remarkable results. I have several stunning stories of inexplicable experiences tied to this work – back pain healed in a half hour (3 different people), foot pain, ankle pain, anxiety, a bacterial infection, sciatic pain, generational trauma, and a miracle of understanding. I believe I have been guided and I am humbled at the trust that has been placed in me to believe I could actually lift and help others relieve mental, emotional, and even spiritual burdens.

“My son’s life has been transformed from dangerous emotional and medical stress to being in balance again. He was in the ER last weekend and now we know why and what to do. He is making tremendous progress. There are so many stories of things I could not know about that are now working because of the sessions I have done with friends and family. Even my dog is doing better after a couple sessions! Did I mention it’s only been 3 weeks?!

“I will be certifying. It’s still a little hard for me to trust myself, but I start with prayer and faith. Your life’s work has led me to mine. I will be actively working towards leaving my corporate position to devote my life to lifting others’ burdens in a way that uses my natural deep empathy and love. This work is far greater than any one person, but this one person sends her gratitude from the depths of her heart and soul… I have hope.”

~Karen Allan, Florida, USA

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