“I signed up to take The Emotion Code® training in July 2012. I had been using The Emotion Code on my 16-year-old son Caleb for a while before I signed up for the training. Caleb has stuttered all his life and we have tried several things to help him, with no success. On August 27, 2012, Caleb came to me saying that he felt very angry and wanted me to release trapped emotions from him. I started finding several trapped anger emotions at different ages and released them.

Then I found one angry trapped emotion when he was three years old and released it. I started to find several other emotions at age three and he suddenly remembered a traumatic incident that had happened to him at that age. I had gone to the hospital to stop pre-term labor with his sister and had dropped him and his older brother off at my sister’s house. He got separated from his brother, his cousins and my sister, and found himself alone in their basement. He had a lot of trapped emotions from this scary incident.

After I released as many emotions as I could, he took a big deep breath and had a strange expression on his face. I asked him what was going on and he asked me, “When you breathe, can you feel 2 separate lungs and do they bounce off of your stomach?” I told him I could feel 2 separate lungs when I took in a deep breath.

With tears in his eyes he told me that this was the first time he had ever felt both of his lungs fill up with air! I was shocked and we continued to speak about how he hadn’t ever felt his lungs past about his collar bone before. He kept breathing deeply for several minutes and kept commenting on how great it felt to breathe. I asked his body if all of the trapped emotions we had just released were trapped in his lung area. Of course his body said “Yes.” After a couple of days, his fluency increased and he was hardly stuttering at all! It was truly a miracle.

Caleb and his dad have had a rocky relationship at best. There are many issues that continually come up with his dad and it is hard to clear all of Caleb’s negative emotions. Caleb’s stuttering returned again later because of problems with his dad and the trapped emotions that surfaced, but I know that The Emotion Code holds the key to his fluency. I have had a lot of unique experiences using The Emotion Code with Caleb and they have been very educational to me during my Emotion Code Certification.”

~Sally H., USA

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