“From the ages of seventeen to twenty-five, I led a rather traumatic life. Briefly, I had a teenage pregnancy at seventeen and chose to have the baby adopted. Afterwards I had extreme feelings of insecurity, unworthiness and inadequacy and I rushed into a marriage with a completely unsuitable man at the age of twenty. By twenty-two, I was divorcing him for infidelity, and quickly formed an unhealthy relationship with a man thirteen years older than me who was addicted to alcohol as a self-medication for his bipolar disorder. We were together for three years, until he committed suicide when I was twenty-five years old. As you can imagine, I had a lot of emotional baggage.

“After the suicide, I chose to change my life, lifestyle, everything. I went to therapy but after a few short sessions was told, ‘You are doing well! You have goals. You are moving on! I don’t think there is anything I can do for you. You are fine! Come see me again if you need me.’ The problem was, I wasn’t fine, and I knew it. Something deep remained untouched, and I didn’t know how to get to it. I forged forward in my new life. I lived in a new city, I made new friends, I went back to my church and made huge spiritual changes. I went back to college and graduated with bachelors degree in nursing. I made a new career.

“Sixteen years after the suicide, I still didn’t feel “healed.” Something was missing. I struggled with excess weight, sugar and fatty food addiction, lack of desire to change, seasonal depressive disorder, and very little dating or feeling confident to look for a partner in life. Most dates turned into disasters before too long. No relationships in sixteen years. None.

“In November of 2015 my sister introduced me to the Emotion Code® and I began a journey that I am eternally grateful for. I bought the book. I saw a practitioner. My sister began certifying. We started pulling negative energies from me. Each emotion could be directly tied to a traumatic event in my life. My life completely changed! I had absolutely no depression for the first winter ever. I have become more positive in my thoughts and attitudes. My church attendance and worship, which was beginning to slip, has come up to 100%. I used to get angry at work and struggle with coworkers, but I am so much more peaceful now. I strive to keep that peace within myself all the time. I come home from work and clear myself of any negative emotions from the day. In six months, the changes are incredible. I FEEL so much better! I haven’t formed any romantic relationships, but I am becoming open to the possibility. My Heart-Wall® was released and I am open to whatever this life brings me.

“I am currently certifying in the Emotion Code, and plan to certify in the Body Code™. I see so many people suffering every day in the hospital and I want so much to help myself and others avoid that fate. I believe it can be done with the Emotion Code and the Body Code. My favorite thing is helping others. It is so amazing to see someone in pain begin feeling better! I love it. Just this week I helped a friend with sudden knee pain. I began to remove emotions from her and she started to cry as each one came out. They were related to some trauma in her past and she could identify exactly what it was immediately. By the end of the session, her pain was cut in half, and by the next day it was completely gone.

“My future is just shaping up with so much still unknown, but I know it includes the Emotion Code and the Body Code. There is no going back! Life is too good now and I feel so blessed to have found these healing processes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~Deanna K., Utah, USA

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