“I got to know about The Emotion Code® when I took an online Healing Summit course and saw Dr. Nelson´s demonstration in October 2020. I read the book immediately, and I was so impressed about the powerful effect of this technique. I now have a few volunteers with whom I can learn how to improve my technique. So I present Michael´s case study:

“Forty-nine-year-old Michael got a concussion during an accident at home in August 2020. Doctors in the hospital carefully examined his brain and didn’t find any physical injuries in his body. Unfortunately, Michael suffered with headaches, irregular heart beat, panic, and fear since the accident. He visited my clinic in order to have me adjust his neck, since a misalignment might have been the cause the other problems. His fear was very severe so I tried to find out if he had any trapped emotions. Yes, indeed, he had the trapped emotion of “overwhelm” from his ancestors. Immediately after the trapped emotion was released by a magnet swiped ten times, his irregular heartbeat normalized and he felt more energy in his body.”

~ Michi E., Vedbaek, Denmark

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