“I met a young woman in her early 30’s who had struggled for many years with infertility. They finally saved enough money to start infertility treatments. She had been very disappointed because her prolactin levels were not responding to hormone therapy and she could not begin IVF treatments.

“Using The Body Code™, I identified that she had a misalignment of her uterus, cervix and vagina. I found that there were Trapped Emotions, Emotional Reverberations, Emotional Compounds, etc… mainly of Fear, Terror, Horror, Shame, Guilt, Abandonment, Grief and Self Abuse…all from age 21, many of which were lodged in those organs. She said she knew exactly what the event was, and we proceeded. After 2 or 3 sessions of realigning all her reproductive system organs, releasing her Heart-Wall®, and clearing each structure individually, her prolactin levels returned to optimal levels.

“On one particular session, after my prayer, it occurred to me to ask specific questions about how SHE felt about becoming pregnant. I asked and cleared all associated imbalances, to questions like: Is “Jane Doe” okay with being pregnant? Okay with “being a mother?” What is “blocking Jane Doe from conceiving?” What can I clear that “will allow Jane to conceive a child?” etc. That’s where the deep layers started coming up. I found Memory Fields, Images, Despair Anchors, Absorbed Trapped Emotions etc. all from age 21 and had to do with a man. All were related to Guilt, Shame, Self Abuse, Grief and Worthlessness. The beauty of this modality is that she didn’t have to reveal the situation and she didn’t have to relive this trauma. Only she knows what the situation was.

“We did six sessions in total, until I got “No” to all my questions regarding any imbalance or “blocks” and “Yes” to my questions regarding if each organ/structure was “Happy.” When the distortions in the energy fields surrounding these organs were gone, her body was able to heal itself. After about four months, I got an email from her and her husband that she was pregnant and that they DID NOT need IVF! They have a beautiful, healthy baby boy who is now walking.”

~Patty Catanzaro, RN, CECP, CBCP; United States

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