“As therapists in K.O.R.E. Therapy, we identify imbalances in the body using kinesiology. The theory is that the strong indicator muscle goes weak if there is an imbalance, but that same muscle test will test strong if you also press into a suspected root cause to the original fault. This is how we find the root cause rather than treating the symptom.

“I wanted to put the Emotion Code® to the test. My theory is that if an emotion is the root cause to a left psoas weakness, let me see if I can make it strong by asking if there is a trapped emotion inside ready to be released. Sure enough in this case, there was. It was released and the left psoas muscle was strong. I was impressed.

“I have only dabbled with the Emotion Code, but I’m 100% sure it works. This is fabulous as I have been looking for a healing modality to use that is less physical but just as effective, if not more. I feel like I found the missing link and this has made me super excited. I can’t wait to get started!”

~Tessa Donovan, Northamptonshire, Great Britain

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