Sent in by one of our certified Emotion Code® practitioners:

“This work is so magically beautiful! I want to share a message I received yesterday from a new client named Michael F. of Austin, TX . He came in so heavy and full of lifelong trauma. He lost his sister and both parents in traumatizing ways. His mind has stayed in constant battle anxiety mode. This was after ONE Emotion Code session.

‘Valerie…your gift is nothing short of transcendent. I haven’t felt this light since I was a much younger man. I honestly felt like I was reborn. My mind keeps trying to do its old tricks, but my energy is just light and full of love and gratitude. I literally just laughed all the way home. Just chuckle after chuckle, like I was experiencing something for the first time…the optimism of a little boy with the wisdom that comes with age. Without the heaviness and weight of the journey.

“I feel so much more connected to my mother and father without the uncomfortable sting of trauma.

‘I had the most peaceful and fun dream with my parents. My dad and I talked about business and he said it was challenging for him to do it “this way.” Then during my meditation this morning, I saw the most vivid lights that looked like neural firings, followed by images I couldn’t make out. Something was unlocked and/or released!

Much love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So much love to you! 💚💚💚.’”

~Valerie Bachman, Texas, USA

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