“My life has changed FOREVER…. Within two days’ time, two different friends who have never met nor even live in the same state told me to look up Bradley Nelson on Youtube. I did and I loved what I heard in his 42-minute interview. I loved it so much I made my husband hear it.

“The next day my other friend told me she had an Emotion Code® release with a woman who is certified and lives in town. She has known her for years and asked if I would like to hear what she removed. Now I was even more tuned into this work. She shared her experience and asked if I wanted her friend’s number to have her remove my emotional blocks. I never said yes so fast before. I called her the following day and two days later she did her magic.

“I am a massage therapist and scanned my inner body to see if anything hurt or felt funny. I realized my chest was tight and whenever I breathed, there was a sort of block half way down. During my session, she explained that some people have Heart-Walls® and I happened to have one. She asked numerous questions to find out who and what age so as to come up with a memory of the time I first experienced a block or pain. Immediately I had the memory of age 5 and the trauma I have carried vividly as though it were yesterday. She removed my Heart-Wall completely. Here’s my miracle. I can now breathe all the way down into my stomach without a block in my chest any longer.

“I plan to learn as much as I can about the Emotion Code. I can’t stop thinking how many people can be helped to live more peaceful lives. I have learned this technique and have been using it on friends, family, and animals. I will keep using it because it works. I find it’s easy and not scary for people. For me, this is a prayer answered from God. I am so very grateful to have been guided to this work that is so inner connected to my spirit. Thank you for hearing my story.”

~Tess Tessler, Washington, USA

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