“I can only tell you about my own experience which is the reason I want to learn more to help other people like myself.

“Since being a teenager I’ve suffered back issues but for the last six years I’ve suffered chronic shoulder, neck, and jaw pain that would come on worst at 3:00 am and be so bad I wanted to throw up and couldn’t see straight. The pain was debilitating and sucked the joy out of life. I’ve been a single mum for 17 years now, run my own business, and have suffered many losses along the way. Having seen every medical professional going and tried every form of therapy I could find to no avail I became convinced that this pain was emotional pain trapped in my body. But I was out of options as to how to fix it and had resigned myself to a life of pain and depression.

“One day a new friend told me about the Emotion Code® and her practitioner in Canada. It was the beginning of lockdown, and I had no income so technically I shouldn’t have been spending money out, but I was suffering with stress and anxiety of isolation alone so badly that the pain was ridiculous. My gut feeling said to make the call from England to Canada and there began my journey.

“Six months down the line, my pain is minimal and when it starts to rise, I can release it myself. I only ever wanted the pain to leave my life. I had no idea of the other positive “side effects” of doing this work.

“I’m a different person. I’m much more in tune with my intuition. I’m putting in boundaries where I never could before, and my people pleaser is a lot quieter, and recently I’ve handled two very difficult business situations calmly and admirably! A year ago those situations would not only have put me in a world of more pain, but I’d still be stewing over them three months later. Instead, I achieved the outcome I wanted and have moved on.

“My confidence has also improved, in myself and in my work. I told a friend recently that I think the quality of my photography work has improved immeasurably. She said that actually it was always this excellent, but I am now seeing what everyone else has always seen but me! Other friends and family members notice a difference in me too. I’m a lot calmer, much more positive, and without pain in my body I’m finally able to see the joy in life, like there is now a point to this life and I’m excited about what the future holds! Whilst I know there is more work to be done on me, the Emotion Code has restored my faith, hope, and optimism in life. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

~Rebecca F., Hertfordshire, Great Britain

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