“Casually I realized that a friend of mine was hard of hearing, although she is only 55 years old. She is a tough lady and never complains or asks for help. She was almost ashamed when I detected this weakness and told me that she had already seen an otologist who could not help her. Usually she made an excuse if she could not understand something, but if somebody approached her from behind, she often got frightened. Being in a restaurant with music in the background she could hardly follow a conversation. She would equalize the pressure in her ears up to twenty or thirty times a day. She avoided taking a bath and swimming with her head under water because it already felt as if she had water in her ears.

“She agreed on giving the Emotion Code® a try through proxy sessions, because we are not living in the same city. When we started to work on her hearing capacity, she had temporary immediate relief, but then it got worse. The next session brought enormous improvement, then worsened. After the third session, she heard extremely well in both ears. The strange feeling of having water in her ears, hearing herself sound muffled, the strange echo, and the pressure were all gone.

“Although two days later she was frustrated again, I was happy because we knew that her ears had the capacity of hearing the full range without these symptoms. It seemed as if her subconscious knew that this was the biggest opportunity to release trapped energies that desperately wanted to be released. At the beginning of our eighth session one ear was fine, the other was not. We identified a memory field from only a year previous having to do with a message that she got over the phone. She said that she didn’t want to think about it because it made her feel so stupid. Once we removed that memory field, her ear made a pling sound and she cheered.

“That was a month ago and she still is enjoying her full hearing capacity, taking baths with her head under water, being able to follow conversations in a restaurant, all without any annoying symptoms. I truly love the Emotion Code and the Body Code™. And she does as well!!”

~Heike Löschhorn, Bavaria, Germany

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