“Dear Dr. Bradley Nelson, Today I desire to express my deepest gratitude for sharing your divine gifts and knowledge with our world. You literally have saved my life from misery.

“Since I discovered you and your work during the start of the global pandemic of fear, I have been practicing the techniques daily and with enthusiasm and adoration for each trapped energy identified and leaving my body.

“In short, I have been familiar with muscle reflex testing since 2006 when I learned it during a course on applied kinesiology… My career was influenced by my spiritual path and passion to help, serve, and improve human beings’ lives through the understanding of the physical dimension. Since your work reached my conscious and subconscious mind and body, I confidently say my life took a very different direction.

“The Emotion Code® gives me the tool to compassionately understand what I have been carrying in my body and has taught me that I can do remote kinesiology. My mother had Alzheimer’s and I managed her personal, financial, and day-to-day matters. The Emotion Code enabled me to check in how her mood was and to make suggestions to the caregivers that would help her. You helped her through me so that she could die peacefully. You enabled me to let her go.

“This will become too long if I go into each aspect of my life that has actually changed since adding the Emotion Code to my daily life and maybe I will write a book myself! Until then, I give thanks to you and your name. Thank you.”

~Dorylee le Roux, Cape Town, South Africa

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