“A top manager was out of touch with himself and his emotions. He had no private life outside of his career, and no interest in relationships. The things that counted in his life were work, money and his reputation. Then when he had some Emotion Code® sessions, his heart was softened. He stopped existing for that fast-moving world.

“Now he struggles with life if it has no feelings. He thinks about relationships and free time to enjoy life. He isn’t just concerned with his work and doing business. He has offset all of that with real feelings for his fellow human beings, the best relationships to have.

“Through the Emotion Code he is able to see what it’s like to have a happy life. He recognizes that his longings for relationships were only slumbering within him. He realizes that money and fame do not make him happy.

“His sadness about the lost time is visible. He longs for relationships and closeness with other people, and the loneliness he feels hurts him a lot right now. We have already had five Emotion Code sessions and he wants to continue. He is 30 and realizes that he wants a family. And now he’s on the way!

~Claudia Franz, Pähl, Germany

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