“I have many stories, but since they are both right here as I type, I will share their stories.

“I am blessed to have my two girls (dogs) that we got from the Humane Society (at different times and different cities). I have been able to release trapped emotions for both of them and that has been so very helpful. Our Jack Russell is calmer since releasing absorbed trapped emotions of her getting hit by a car and having to have surgery (prior to us adopting her) and some aggressive behaviors that were hereditary trapped emotions on her dad’s side. Our Dachshund is more at ease around men including my husband since I released her absorbed trapped emotions of being abandoned, severely underweight, and neglected from previous owners.”

We love our dogs and take very good care of them. What we did alone wasn’t enough to help them. It wasn’t until I released these trapped emotions with the Emotion Code® that there was a very noticeable difference in them.”

~Stacie Wagatsuma, Idaho, USA

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