Thank you for your wondrous discovery, and how openly you shared it. At 63, I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago, via an interview of a year ago. I could no longer feel my heart, nor see the light during meditation. Your approach seemed like it might be a way to open my heart.

I stayed up through the night, listening to your videos and taking notes. By morning, I attempted to do this on myself. The first Heart-Wall® emotion I cleared was abandonment. That night, abandonment came up again as an inherited trapped emotion.

It was from my mother’s mother’s mother, who had been widowed suddenly in Newfoundland 100 years ago, when her husband’s ship, en route to New York, sank. Your guidance was so helpful, that I remembered the whole family would be present, so I engaged in a dialogue of yes and no, using my standing body as the muscle tester. I chose to lead by asking about inherited emotions, which would be healing for me and my family as well. I praise the ease and your grace at making this all so accessible!

I continued and learned that another great-grandmother had experienced traumatic betrayal when her six children died of scarlet fever in late 19th-century Kentucky. She felt betrayed by God. And by her dear husband who had, in a careless moment, exposed their little ones to germs. Not only did she have to endure losing her babes one by one within two weeks, she also then felt bereft of the bonds that had meant the most: her faith and her marriage.

When she approached her husband about it, he was in denial, and she held all these things in her heart. Soon they had four more children, one being my paternal grandmother. I knew each of them, and all of them were sweet and accomplished, loving and kind. I asked if she had ever gotten over the feeling of betrayal. Yes. Was it because of religion? No. Her husband? Yes. It was love.

Transcendent love is what created the new family I was born into. And love, Dr. Brad, is really what my family inherited. Thanks to you that other emotion is now cleared, leaving only radiant, healing love as its offspring. I found my great-grandmother’s spacious, infinite heart when looking for my own. Thank you kindly.

~Mary F., California, USA

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