“I’ve done quite a variety of trapped emotion releases, but none that were specific for my intense fear of sharks and spiders. I would literally feel sheer terror when I would see even a very small spider. I’ve had this fear for most of my life. I’m not sure which exact released emotion was connected to the spider fear, but all of the sudden one day I just wasn’t afraid anymore. I’ve even seen very large spiders, as we live in the country and it’s quite common to see them. And I don’t feel fear at all. I just feel neutral. It’s not like I love spiders and sharks now, but my fear of both of them has pretty much completely disappeared. We were even able to go on a family vacation and I swam in the ocean deeper than my ankles. I was having such a good time and laughing. My children and husband were very excited to see me enjoying the deeper parts of the ocean. Everyone in the family knows what a big deal that is! Ha!”

~Chantel C., Kansas, USA

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