“After reading the book on blocked emotions, I started exploring this possibility on myself. I had read other books that explained that repressed emotions (like anger for example) could be the cause of my fibromyalgia. I had noticed that pain attacks were often preceded by a period of stress or emotional trauma. But none of these books had explained to me why these emotions got stuck inside me. I didn’t even find the answer to how to remove these repressed emotions. It was a great relief for me to be able to get rid of my emotional baggage once and for all. Heavy and oppressive baggage.

“I therefore decided to take the course to become a professional in the Emotion Code® so as to extend the benefits of this simple and, in some cases, decisive technique to others.The battle against loneliness, depression, self-harm, chronic fatigue or addiction can be won by incorporating the removal of repressed emotions into the therapies you are already doing.

“My life has changed from night to day.”

~Monica Z., Verona, Italy

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