“Bronson was a 7-year-old suffering from night terrors. His mother would lie with him in bed until he fell asleep, and would then go to her own room. She and her husband kept a small mattress on the floor beside their bed, knowing that when he woke during the night, in fear, he would end up sleeping in their room for the rest of the night. They tried everything to help him feel loved and safe but nothing helped.

“I had worked with Bronson and found several Trapped Emotions…shock, terror, horror and fear…(from) around the age of two. His mom recalled a distressing event that took place just prior to Bronson’s second birthday when he ran out of the driveway and onto the highway. It was getting dark and a car was traveling down the road. To avoid hitting the child, the driver swerved around him, and then landed in a ditch. It was a terrifying incident, as she remembered.

“Once the Trapped Emotions were released, he was able to sleep well every night. They felt it was nothing short of a miracle!”

~Lorraine LaJoie, USA

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