“An 11-year-old client presented with strabismus exotropia (lazy eye) that had been diagnosed at age 3 and she had been wearing corrective lenses ever since. Although she didn’t mind wearing her glasses, as she entered her adolescent years she began worrying about the long-term prognosis and became self-conscious about her looks. In late January the client met with her optometrist for her annual eye exam where he reconfirmed the strabismus exotropia diagnosis and 20/15 vision. They also discussed a need for vision therapy or corrective surgery in the near future. New frames and lenses were ordered.

“The following day her existing glasses broke while she was at school, and they were not able to be repaired. As the new frames and lenses were not expected to be delivered for 10 days, she had no option but to go without. Two days later during a youth activity she was in a group photo and the client’s eyes were noticeably misaligned in the photo. When she saw the photo, she was very distraught and thought of herself as ugly in comparison to the other beautiful girls her age.

“She asked for a [Body Code™] session to see if her eyes could be corrected. This session was conducted remotely while the client was fishing with her dad. The session found two main imbalances and several associated imbalances, including trapped emotions. Of particular interest was a misalignment in the tendons associated with the eyes. I have a degree in health science, so I was familiar with the structure of the tendons and muscles in the eyes and found myself picturing them in my mind with focused intention. I found and released associated imbalances with them and then set the intention to realign them. Other imbalances also presented associated with anxiety as well as an idea allergy about receiving love. Additionally, the pituitary gland presented as an associated imbalance and was reset. After these releases I ended the session.

“Within two hours of the session, the client reported that while she was out, she felt some changes occurring and her eyes focused. It was noticeable because for years her right eye saw everything with a pink tint and suddenly it was clear, and the colors were uniform in both eyes. It has now been three weeks since the session and although the client’s new glasses arrived, she no longer feels the need to wear them. Her eyes are tracking together, and she’s had no relapse. It will be interesting to see what the results of her next optometry visit are.”

~Jamie B., Nevada, USA

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