“I’m currently in the process of becoming a Certified Body Code™ Practitioner. I have been releasing layers of my Heart-Wall® since I discovered the Emotion Code® three months ago. I’ve found that there are levels to this, at least this has been my experience so far.

“Today I was able to release a Heart-Wall I had towards Jesus. The Heart-Wall emotions were preconception Heart-Wall emotions of despair, horror, and abandonment. It was a very powerful and emotional experience. I was shown the image of myself as a small child sitting in a church pew. I looked up at the cross at the altar where Jesus was depicted as crucified, suffering and dying, and it broke my heart. The preconception Heart-Wall emotions I carried matched the ones I saw Jesus experiencing.

“This explains so much about other things in my life–why I felt a deep love for Jesus but a true connection felt out of reach, why I kept choosing friends who were Christian even though I was raised in a very secular home, why I burst out in tears when we sing some of the songs in my gospel choir. He was there all along but the Heart-Wall made it hard for me to connect. I can’t wait to see how the release of this wall changes my life and my profession as a energy worker. With so much love and gratitude.”

~Malin Wahlström, Fjugesta, Sweden

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