“The stories I have are not about what I have done, but what an Emotion Code® practitioner did for my horses before I signed up for certification. I contacted Jill to do some work on my horse, who was freaking out whenever she was asked to back up with someone in the saddle. Her behaviour was dangerous and so unusual because she is a really great horse otherwise, and learns well, and is respectful. Jill released some trapped emotions in her and she now backs up like it’s no big deal and does so with incredible softness and suppleness.

“My other horse, a gelding named Creeks, is fearful of going through gates, and therefore dangerous if you are the one leading him through. He rushes and can just about knock you over, instead of walking in calmly. After two sessions with Jill releasing about 15 emotions per session, he now walks through gates like it’s no big deal. The change I see in my horses is amazing!”

~ Margaret S., British Columbia, Canada

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