“I’ve been a seeker of healing since I was 12. Having gone through childhood trauma, I decided I wanted to become a therapist. After going through classes and work with several therapists myself, I realized the problem. I knew what had happened but no one could help me get rid of this pain. I knew I needed to eliminate these emotions in order to heal emotionally and physically, but how?

“I had severe scoliosis in all sections of my spine. Besides other health issues, such as fibromyalgia, the scoliosis was severely limiting my physical capacity as I aged to the degree that it was difficult to walk. I went to many doctors and a specialist, but was told I would end up in a wheelchair. Then a chiropractor friend told me about the Emotion Code®. It made sense and I became certified and then went on to become Body Code™ certified. My spine has straightened to the degree that it was when I was in my 20’s. I’m now 59. The difference is visibly evident but it’s how I feel that really changed me. I’m not plagued by the past. I feel free and my body is free and healthier than it’s been for decades.”

~Sherrie Hellickson, Utah, USA

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