“I had a friend ask me if I could clear some negative Trapped Emotions™ from her daughter, Jes, who was 38 years old and was feeling a lot of resentment towards her brother and his new wife. I cleared some emotions, an emotional resonance, and a Heart-Wall®. Jes wanted to have another baby and had been trying to get pregnant for seven years. She even tried fertility treatments and nothing helped, but she knew that there was one more baby that needed to come to their family. I cleared some emotions associated with her not being able to get pregnant that same visit. The next few days went by and Jes called me to tell me that she had spoken to her brother and the negative feelings were gone and added how amazing she felt.

“Two weeks later she called me for another Emotion Code® session. When she walked into the room for her appointment she said, “What did you do to me?” I was taken back because I didn’t know what she was talking about. She told me that she had taken three pregnancy tests and that all three were positive! There were two miracles that came from just that one Emotion Code session!”

~Dawna Webb, Nevada, USA

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