“I was blown away by The Emotion Code book, and then by the entire certification process. As a certified Emotion Code® practitioner, the healing I have witnessed with my clients over the last two years continues to amaze me, both with people and animals. I even have some of these testimonials on my YouTube channel.

“I have been eagerly awaiting The Body Code book, and as an early access reviewer, I have once again been blown away. This latest book by Dr. Nelson continues the perfect journey into this very special methodology that helps us bring balance back to our wellness. The Emotion Code is already a profoundly powerful tool, and yet the Body Code™ manages to take that paradigm to an even higher level of power. Fantastic methods, and fantastic books to introduce you to them. I am grateful for having access to these books and the entire support infrastructure that Dr. Nelson has built around them.”

~Victor Cozzetto, New York, USA

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