“This testimonial was sent in by my client, Jim:

‘I had what felt like a badly bruised shoulder/upper arm and a pinched nerve in the neck. I couldn’t write or get to sleep. This all came on suddenly and I do not recall doing anything to bruise muscles. I was about to book the usual four sessions with my physical therapist, but decided to call John Inverarity instead. Our Body Code™ session was done over the phone.

‘During the session, he determined that the problem was toxicity in my environment and therefore in my system, from using household cleaners. I had rented a carpet shampooer and had cleaned all our carpets about ten days earlier. While at it, I cleaned the filters in the exhaust fans over the kitchen range, using regular household cleaners. He identified toxicity issues, circuitry issues (in glands and organs, chakra and kidneys), structural–nerve issues in my head, and energy issues around inflammation. He released a trapped emotion as well. My neck pain started to subside while on the phone. Two days later all the pain and lack of movement in my shoulder and arms were gone. I find these experiences to be fascinating, marvelous and on point every time.’”

~John Inverarity, British Columbia, Canada

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