“A little over a year ago I had a woman reach out to me who wanted to see if she could do anything to prevent her gallbladder being removed. After a gallstone flush, she was able to divert the surgery, however she still didn’t feel 100%. She couldn’t lose weight, and had continuing hair loss, digestive issues, and TMJ problems. Working more closely, we found pathogens, mycotoxins, and a calcium shell.

“A calcium shell occurs when calcium salts are drawn out of the bones and teeth, and are pushed out into tissue, to form a shell around the cells in places like your muscles, brain, joints, and arteries. Although this shell is created to protect you, it can cause emotional numbness and spaciness among many other symptoms, similar to a Heart-Wall®. When we discovered this, she broke down in tears and explained she had spent over 20 years seeing multiple doctors with zero explanation as to why she could not feel better. She said they either wanted to take out a body part or put her on medication.

“This created more curiosity on my end as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine says we hold anger, bitterness, guilt, hatred, resentment, depression, frustration, indecisiveness, panic, and a feeling of being taken for granted in our liver or gallbladder. I explained this and she said she held so much anger from her childhood. She found an EMDR counselor to see if this calcium shell could be reduced, as it was impossible to do any other healing work until it was gone. There was not much success.

“Then I went to a cellcore conference and heard so many other practitioners talk about the Emotion Code® and muscle testing with a lot of success stories. I was curious so I bought The Emotion Code and I also gifted my client the book for her birthday. She was so ecstatic that it made her cry. I felt like we finally found something that could help with her calcium shell. As she found a certified practitioner, I signed up immediately to take the course.

“As she removed trapped emotions from her Heart-Wall®, she started to feel lighter and more positive. Six weeks after her first session, another HTMA (Hair Trace Mineral Analysis) test showed that her calcium shell was going down. Her results had truly shown the impact the Emotion Code had on her trapped emotions. Her calcium shell went from a 274 to 220, and this allowed us to pick back up on the journey we originally set out to do. She still has to get below a 170 for it to be truly gone, but I know that will happen! She is signing up to be an Emotion Code practitioner as well because she saw the power of releasing trapped emotions.”

~Erin Comstock, Colorado, USA

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