“I currently do have a Heart Wall® and I am working with a Certified Emotion Code® and Body Code™ Practitioner to release it. My first two sessions have been nothing short of amazing. All the findings have been so accurate, including the age and emotions that I was feeling at that time. During the sessions I can feel energy running through me as well as physical symptoms that quickly appear and then quickly disappear. An improvement I’ve noticed is just feeling more like myself – my old self from 15 years ago. For example, the day after my session I had this urge to go for a run. I used to love running but had learned to dislike it over the past 15 years, also I don’t exercise these days. But I grabbed my tennis shoes, the dog and just started running in my neighborhood. As I was running I felt like my old self again from 15 years ago. I ran 2.4 miles… I can’t remember the last time I ran that much.”

~Stephanie W., California, USA

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