“Troy, 56, was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease in 2008. At that time, he began taking prescribed medication for his thyroid disease. In 2011, Troy’s chiropractor suggested he give himself a shot of a special encoded frequency serum once a week. He has been administering his shots, one per week since and getting along very well. Troy came to me with pain in his throat, so severe he had difficulty swallowing. He was concerned his Hashimoto disease was flared so badly he may need to drink the radioactive iodine his endocrinologist had recommended years before. When doing the Emotion Code®, we found he had a trapped emotion of hopelessness lodged in his throat. After releasing it, Troy immediately felt the pain leave. He drank a bottle of water, pain-free, before he left and the pain hasn’t returned.”

~Stephanie A., Utah, USA

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