“This is my own experience using The Emotion Code®. I first started clearing Trapped Emotions when the nutrition response tester I use for nutritional supplements indicated (with muscle testing) an organ was weakened due to a Trapped Emotion. It took about a month to clear out all emotions trapped from my physical body. Once the emotions were cleared out, my body could handle eating any type of food without any issues digesting it, whereas before, the foods would affect me because my organs were weak from the Trapped Emotion that was present.

“My spine used to be so curved in different locations that I was told I had Scoliosis my whole life. With clearing Trapped Emotions, all misalignments and subluxations in my vertebrae spine in different locations went back into alignment and there are no more subluxations. I realized that the Trapped Emotions were causing inflammation in the nerves and the nerves connected to the vertebrae sent the signals to the different organs of the body. Clearing out all Trapped Emotions now has my spine, for the first time in my life, fully aligned with no tightness or subluxations.

“Now I do not react based on false information that the dense, low vibration Trapped Emotions send to the brain. I realized that these Trapped Emotions are low frequency vibrations in the body, and that they can control our decisions and entire life. This is why the majority of people are going down the opposite path of their soul’s purpose and intuition. Trapped Emotions are sending false signals. I believe that Trapped Emotions are an attack on our consciousness and every relationship in our life. I am thankful for The Emotion Code and I will have many more stories to share when I finish this certification.”

~Antonio Sabatini, USA

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