“The mother of an 18-year-old girl called me one afternoon and asked for my services. Her daughter had been having seizures since she was 12, when she’d had a blackout and had to go to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy. She mentioned that her husband had epilepsy as a child but somehow grew out of it. The mother was very worried about her daughter and the seizures. She went to see different medical doctors, psychiatrists and even a psychic who promised to get rid of it, but without success. I explained to the mother what I do with energy balancing using the Body Code™. I said we would get input from the daughter’s subconscious. I told her that I have no experience with epilepsy, but I was willing to try to find the underlying causes and balance her energies. So, we made an appointment for the following afternoon.

“That evening I researched a bit on the internet, what epilepsy is, and did some pre-reading of the daughter’s issue. Right away, the Body Code app showed me an offensive energy, entity. When I asked further, I got the “Yes” answer – in the pituitary gland.

“The next day, at the beginning of the session, I explained again the process, what we do as Body Code Practitioners, that we don’t work with diagnosed illnesses, which doctors define. I cleared my mind, connected to the universe and started working. Again, the Body Code application brought me to the icon entity located in the pituitary gland. I removed it with help from God, the Creator, and Jesus Christ, demanding that the entity leave the girl’s body, sending it to the white light of God the Creator, that He take care of it, that it never return. I did an additional minor energy balancing and that was it. It was over in 10 minutes!

“The girl felt some relief right away. Days later I checked in with the mother to ask how her daughter was doing. The mother couldn’t be more thankful. Her daughter got her life back – no more seizures!

~Peter Schalow, Haut-Rhine, France

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