“Cindy, a young woman in her early 30’s, was a coworker of my daughter. While they were on a work break, my daughter called and asked if I could try ‘that new thing you do’ if I thought it could help Cindy. She had been experiencing crippling migraines almost daily and her doctor was about to start prescribing even more powerful medications which she wanted to avoid.

“I was still new to using the Emotion Code®, but said we could try. During their quick break over the phone I identified the first trapped emotion and got the age. It was ‘shock’ from three years previous. I asked what happened. She expressed that her father had died tragically three years ago and it was a shock to her. I asked when her migraines started. It was about three years ago! I confirmed that it was related to her father’s passing. We released the shock and their break was over. I told her I could continue to work on the migraines at another time. Well, since that very first trapped emotion was released, the debilitating migraines never came back and she never had to take more medication!”

~Salina R., Florida, USA

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