Two simple stories that show very powerful results:

Our 13-year-old dog had her remaining 8 teeth removed in November and while she was under anesthesia, they trimmed her nails very short. When we tried to trim her nails a few months later, she severely reacted and we could barely trim one foot per day. This July, we tried again to do her nails and she reacted with heavy breathing, anxiety and fighting to get out of my arms. I immediately used The Emotion Code, asking to remove any emotions tied to her having her nails trimmed. She instantly settled down and let us trim all four paws without any trouble and better than other times before November.

My 14-year-old daughter has had stress incontinence and night-time wetting off and on since she was little. We brought her to a specialist and had her adjusted as well as tried supplements, but it still remained a problem. Within a day of doing The Emotion Code, specifically for her bladder, she exclaimed she felt she had control and has been better ever since. We found she had [trapped] several strong emotions around the time she was potty training.