“I found that I had a cavitation in the lower right side of my jaw during a Body Code™ session. I found one dentist who claimed to specialize in cavitations and booked an appointment. When I arrived they asked if I had an x-ray showing the cavitation to which I replied, ‘Do they always show up on an x-ray?’ They said yes which I knew was incorrect. They then asked me if I had any pain to which I responded, ‘Should there be any pain?’ Once again they said yes, which is also incorrect. I knew that I was at the wrong dentist.

“I then made an appointment at a holistic dentist. He sent me for a 3D scan of my jaw which showed no cavitation, but let me know they don’t always show up even on the 3D scans. He offered another solution in the hopes of saving me the cost of the cavitation surgery so I went with his advice. I continued Body Code sessions afterwards, but would often get terrible processing of an extreme fever and terrible body aches. During an evening on one of the worst cases of processing, I finally reached out to the divine and asked why I got such bad processing and the answer came to me. It was the cavitation! Every time the cavitation came up and I directed my body’s attention to it, the only thing my body could do to respond to it was give me a fever to try and fight the infection off. Unfortunately with cavitations the bacteria is trapped and too deep for a fever to have any effect.

“I called the next day and booked the cavitation surgery with my holistic dentist. Although he could not prove that the cavitation was there, he trusted my intuition. Later that week while waiting for my surgery date, my partner found a sore lump in my neck caused by the cavitation. By the time my surgery day arrived, the infection had spread down to my rib cage. When my dentist made the first incision, he came across tons of weird scar tissue and dark blood.

“He had to remove all the scar tissue before he could even get to the cavitation. Then he drilled down and did not find anything. He turned to his intuition which directed him to drill back and so he did. He was shocked at what he found. He described the cavitation as a cave. He used his longest dental tool and still could not reach to the back of it. He informed me that had I experienced a hit to the face, that it would have broken my jaw because of how deep the hole was. He was glad that I had been so persistent in getting the cavitation surgery done. It turns out the cavitation was in my mandible which is unusual and did not show up on the 3D scan as the bone is too dense here. Luckily he had doubled up on the syringes of ozone to clean it out as well as on the vials of platelets he took from me as he used up both in the deep cavitation. The healing will take 6 months, but has had an immediate effect on my whole body already. My body has been dealing with this infection for 27 years and I cannot thank the Body Code enough for helping me to discover it so that I can live a life with the best health possible. I put my faith in and trusted the Body Code despite what I was told by medical professionals and I am so glad I did.”

~ChelSea Johnson, British Columbia, Canada

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