“Since my birth I have been highly sensitive. I sense energies in different ways, and I have been very easily distracted and overwhelmed by my own emotions at the same time. My emotional reactions to different experiences and energies were so intense that I separated myself from my feelings as a protection. By using the Emotion Code, I have been able to discover a lot of trapped emotions causing problems in my life.

“I felt things intensely which seemed not to disturb others. I became overwhelmed during social interactions. I could immediately sense chemical toxins in “normal” shampoos, and my whole body would react. I could only eat zucchini and sweet potatoes because I reacted to so many other foods emotionally. I learned how to deal with these physical things by living a healthy lifestyle, but I still wondered how others could deal with all of these overwhelming things so easily.

“Since I started using the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ from Dr. Brad, things have improved very much. I am now not only able to eat a much broader spectrum of foods again, I am also able to identify and release triggered emotions in social contacts for the first time in my life. I am able to change my behavior patterns, step by step toward a life full of love, heartfelt connections, happiness, and positive feelings.

“With the Emotion Code and Body Code, it is so fantastically easy to heal yourself and to grow in your own humanity and ability to give and love life. I am very grateful for Dr. Brad’s methods and want to contribute by using these wonderful tools to help others come back in balance to happy, healthy, joyful, light, and fulfilled lives.”

Eugenia S., Bavaria, Germany

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