Sent in by a certified Emotion Code® practitioner from her clients, G.C. and Mimi the cat:

“For the last four years I have suffered from weekly (and if I’m lucky, monthly) debilitating migraines, where my life would literally stand still for the duration of the attack which could last anywhere from nine to 24 hours. Occasionally a hospital visit would ensure due to the pain and vomiting that followed. My triggers for migraines could be from simple overthinking and stress to a change in the weather. I even have the migraine weather app on my phone, so I can plan my workday around a potential attack.

“Well here is where the miracle of energy work shows up. It’s been three months since the Emotion Code session and I haven’t had a single migraine attack. I have been under some personal changes that before would have brought on several, along with our weather changes, but I’m still migraine-free and I can’t thank you enough !

My cat Mimi developed diabetes. The practitioner worked with her and determined my cat was probably absorbing the stress from my emotions. After one session, Mimi’s blood sugar dropped down to normal. My kitty Mimi is still diabetes-free following the energy healing session on her in May 2016. Wow is all I can say! AMAZING!

~Sharon Shores, Utah, USA