The Body Code™ never ceases to amaze me.

Twenty-four days ago, I had dental surgery (performed by a biologic dentist) to remove two root canals and an old implant, and also to clean out two cavitations. In preparation for eventual new implants, the dentist inserted cadaver bone (my first reaction at the thought of it was “YIKES!”) into the gum for a bone graft after he muscle-tested to determine which graft material was right for me.

Nine days ago, the gum around the cadaver bone was still a little red, swollen and intermittently achy. The area felt “charged” with what I can only describe as a “hot, angry-ish” energy. That day, as I was driving home from a meeting, it occurred to me that there might be trapped emotions in the cadaver bone. I could hardly wait to get home to check it out!

To my utter amazement, there were a LOT of trapped emotions in the bone – including an inherited one. There was also psychic trauma and, not surprisingly, physical trauma. Once the imbalances were released, I asked if the cadaver bone (which I now affectionately call “Bony”) was happy, and it was! I asked if the gum around the bone was happy, and it was. And since Love Unreceived, Resentment, Rejection and Abandonment were among Bony’s trapped emotions that came up during the session, I took a few moments to welcome it, to ask for forgiveness for whatever I had done to contribute to its distress, and to express my gratitude for it. After an hour, I just knew something had shifted. When I inspected the area (with my trusty mini-flashlight, as I had done a million times since the surgery), the swelling had noticeably gone down. The “charged” feeling that had been there earlier was gone too!

When I got up the next morning, I couldn’t wait to do my inspection, which revealed delightful progress! The swelling had gone down even further, the area was more of a “happy pink” than red, and the achiness was gone. Needless to say, the area has continued to heal steadily, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for The Body Code, Dr. Brad, Josh and the entire Discover Healing family!

~Anne O., Hawaii, USA

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