The mother-in-law of my partner has not spoken to her husband in essentially 8 months due to years of blame for each other’s misery. She was reluctant to have me do The Emotion Code on her, but after seeing her husband cry for the first time ever after I helped him release his Heart-Wall she said, “Ok, maybe we can do one or two emotions.” I worked on her and revealed that the time she spent with her father growing up and working in their family garden together was the most at peace she felt. Also I saw that during her upbringing she was taught indirectly/directly that she was not supposed to discuss any feelings that she had. “It was just off the table to verbalize what you were feeling,” she said. At 14, she had her first boyfriend and the turmoil she went through during the breakup was never released and it created a tremendous block for her… feeling stunted and angry and not having the knowledge and even worse, not feeling as if she had the freedom to discuss it to family or friends. It made a deep energetic cut within her. After we successfully released two trapped emotions, I told her she would experience a new lightness within eight hours. Her body needed some time to adjust to the release.

I received a phone call from her husband the following morning and he said he woke up to his wife asking if he would like a cup of coffee. Sounds like nothing to us, but he said that’s the first time in years he can remember that she offered to do something for him and it brought tears to his eyes. This man has always liked me (dating his daughter for five years) but he’s told me the few times we’ve spoken since that he loves me and thanks me profusely. He said, “I don’t understand how it works so well, but I truly appreciate what you’ve done for me and my wife.”

I’ve done about 20+ sessions so far and they are all like this on some level. I could right a book based on the responses that I’ve already received from people. The Emotion Code is really a blessing and my guides have confirmed it is an essential piece to transforming humanity for all those who are being called to get a session…. hence why I am in the certification program. 🙂

~ DaKen Tul