A story with a strong finish…

“My son (who was 18 at the time) was having difficulties finishing grade 12. School had not been the best experience for him and he was feeling the pressure of being so close but not having the stamina to finish. We did an Emotion Code® session about his resistance to school and a trapped emotion was found that went back to around him being 4 years old. He didn’t remember what it was.

The next day it came to him. When he was in daycare, he got in trouble and as part of his punishment, he was made to go up front and tell the kids what he had done. Because of him, the day outing was cancelled. Then the daycare person read a book to the class relating again the misbehavior that my son had done.

Fourteen years later, this was the first time I had ever heard the story. He had tears in his eyes as he recounted how embarrassed he had felt then. Later, we did some more energy work removing blockages and he finally did finish his schooling.”

A different story with a significant ending…

“Another time I was at my Yoga class and I heard about a lady there named Jean who needed to get a pacemaker. I had spoken to her many times before, but didn’t know she was scheduled to get one. Then it dawned on me that she likely had a Heart-Wall™.

I waited until after the Yoga class was over to talk to her. It took some nerve for me to approach her about energy healing. She patiently listened and said that she was willing to try something different because she didn’t really want to end up with a pacemaker. I knew her husband had passed away from cancer and that somehow this was related to her having a Heart-Wall. We used The Emotion Code and removed trapped emotions from her Heart-Wall over about 4 sessions. We removed each one until the last, which was a trapped emotion of shock. Then her Heart-Wall was gone. When she went back to her cardiologist a few months later, she was no longer considered a candidate for a pacemaker.”

~Cindy C., Canada

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