“I was treating a 10-week-old baby with pediatric chiropractic and mom mentioned she noticed that the baby seemed restless and was only soothed by her. I did the Emotion Code® and found that 2 trapped emotions had transferred from mom to the baby. Mom later mentioned that the baby was calmer being held by dad and grandma, which wasn’t the case before.

“I had a pregnant patient whose baby was not positioning itself for birth and mom was scheduled to be induced later that night, since she was a week overdue. After doing chiropractic care, I proceeded to do the Emotion Code and found 3 trapped emotions in the pelvic area that mom was experiencing and the baby was picking up on. We cleared them and one hour later, mom indicated she went to the hospital already in active labor since the baby had descended and was in the perfect position!”

~Carla V., New York, USA

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